Tap Your Way to Better Emotional Health with EFT

Guest Post by Michelle Lee, CH

Emotional freedom technique (EFT), or “tapping” as some like to call it, is gaining more and more popularity. Why? Because it works. It has even be referred to as psychological acupressure. It is a process that by tapping on meridian points on the face and upper body with your fingertips creates emotional release and relief. In one moment you can be feeling stressed and overwhelmed and after a few “rounds” of tapping on these meridian points you feel calm, relaxed and capable.

EFT is based on the premise that all negative emotions are a result of a glitch in the flow of energy in the body’s energy system, ie, meridians. Meridians are the lines of energy that are commonly referred to in the Eastern traditions of acupuncture and acupressure.   According to Eastern medicine our “chi” flows through them and when they become blocked physical dis-ease manifests. This is the same premise as EFT. When the energy within the meridians becomes blocked we experience negative or limiting emotions and physical pain.

There are many amazing aspects to Emotional Freedom Technique and one of them is that you don’t have to believe any of what I just said in order for it to work for you. During the tapping process of EFT you are tapping on the meridian points that are directly correlated with the major meridian lines while you focus on your negative emotions.

I have found in my years of teaching EFT that people get pretty freaked out about tapping on the “negative” emotions. We have been so trained that thinking positive is the answer to all things that we have become frightened of our own negative thoughts. But, as I explain to my classes, you can think as positive as you want, but it’s not going to make one ounce of difference if you are feeling“negative”. When you are tapping, you are focused on how you are actually feeling in the moment, not how you want to feel.

Somehow, by stating silently or aloud that you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed while tapping on what seem to be magical points on your face and your upper body those feelings just seem to dissipate and within a matter of minutes you are feeling more relaxed, at ease and capable.

But EFT goes beyond just relieving stress, EFT provides relief from fibromyalgia, anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, cravings, phobias, fears such as fear of flying, heights or water, physical pain, test anxiety. It would actually be faster to list what EFT can’t help with, because in my 13 years of using it with clients I haven’t found anything. I enjoy taking EFT deeper to release the unconscious “stories” that create a low sense of self-worth or lack of confidence. It’s all about releasing emotions and emotions are what give our beliefs strength.

As an example of pain relief, I recently had a client call me from California about some pain that she was having in her chest. She had been suffering from the pain for more than two weeks. She had visited her chiropractor thinking that perhaps a rib had become subluxated, to no avail. She had even been to her doctor and he couldn’t find anything wrong either. So she decided to give me a call.

Because, I like to go to the source of an issue, and I know that the source of physical pain is almost always, if not always, guilt. So I asked her what she was feeling guilty about. Once she explained to me what was going on, I asked her to rate, on a scale of 1 -10 how strong her feelings of guilt were. Ten being the strongest. This is our way of measuring the progress of emotional release/relief. Her level of guilt was a 10 and it caused her to begin to cry. Her level of physical pain in her chest was also a 10.

She tapped on the meridian points as we focused on her guilt, saying phrases such as “I feel guilty because I’m a selfish person”, “I feel guilty because I am guilty”, etc. until she felt her guilt coming down to about a 5. When she measured her guilt level at a 5, her pain level had dropped to an 8. Both great improvements.

She shared with me other situations that she also felt guilty about and we tapped on them as well, bringing her level of guilt to a 3 and her physical pain down to about a 5. At this point we began to tap on the meridian points while making statements about the pain in her chest, including “I give myself permission to release the pain”, “I deserve to be comfortable in my body”, etc. until her level of pain dropped to a 1.

She was delighted and amazed. I received a text from her the following day stating that the pain was completely gone.   For me it’s just more proof of the oneness between body and mind.

In one 90-minute session we were able to free her from the poisonous emotion of guilt and the physical pain that was a manifestation of it.

EFT has proven to me over and over again, both with my clients and with myself that it’s a game changer…no, it’s a life changer.

You are going to LOVE EFT!!!

To learn more about Michelle visit her website here.


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