Therapeutic Massage Therapy Balances Mind, Body and Spirit

Guest Post by Pam Sears

When I began my career as a Massage Therapist 21 years ago, there was always the saying, “Massage is a luxury, that only those with money could really afford.” That statement is far from true, especially now with the extra added stresses this world has put upon us, not only in our physical bodies, but our emotional, mental and spiritual ones.

Massage therapy has come a long way educating the public to the fact that it is truly a necessity, rather than a luxury. In fact, everyone deserves a massage, from the newborn to the geriatric community!

So how does Massage Therapy affect more than the physical ailments our bodies endure on a day to day basis?

For one, often times a physical ailment has manifested from an emotional component, perhaps building in the body over a period of time such as traumas, abuse, grief, etc. Healthy touch, which massage therapy provides, helps to release stuck energy related to those issues, as well as flooding the body with much needed healing energy. The healing energy penetrates deep down into the cellular memory, where those traumas often times reside. Sometimes this causes an emotional release which is very normal and if allowed to happen in a safe environment causes a huge shift within the client.

Massage is good for us as it helps release tensions deep within the muscles, it helps to reduce pain and inflammation, reduces stress, aids in getting rid of toxins, helps the lymphatic system, reduces anxiety and depression, improves sleep and boosts the immune system. It also helps in chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic fatigue and TMJ.

I chose to go into this field of work because the massage sessions I had on a bi-monthly basis helped my scoliosis and reduced my chronic pain. I was a prime example of what massage can do for a person and I knew that I wanted to help others get the same relief!

The different modalities of Therapeutic Massage include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger point, Lymphatic, Cranial Sacral, Pregnancy, Infant massage, Reflexology and several energy healing modalities which compliment the session. Far infrared heat can also be a complimentary modality helping the immune system and releasing toxins. I incorporate this modality with all my sessions. Sessions can be anywhere from a half hour up to a two hour session, depending on the client needs and wants.

So how can a massage help your body? I had a client with Fibromyalgia, a chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and tenderness in localized areas. Her pain was so severe that she was not able to get out of bed on most days and she required a great deal of pain medication along with antidepressants. With continued massage therapy over a period of time, her overall pain decreased, her brain fog lessened and she was able to function much better and take less pain medication. Her anxiety lessened and she managed to start exercising.

Another client of mine had severe TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). She had been seeing a TMJ specialist and was not getting much relief. The massage therapy techniques I learned were applied to the jaw area and after a few sessions, she found some relief and was able to open her jaw more and had decrease pain.

Another client had severe hip pain and had been seeing a chiropractor, yet the pain persisted. After the client saw the chiropractor, he came to me for deep tissue work and within a few sessions, there was release of restriction and total decrease in pain and increased range of motion.

One of my specialties is Intuitive Massage. I am able to make connections with your loved ones, guides, angels and I bring forth channeled messages to bring you insights, answers and guidance. The session can be a very powerful and profound healing experience since I’m already connected with your energy field through touch. This can make the connection even stronger and the messages more clear.

Whether it be once a month, twice a month or weekly, you owe it to yourself to bring more balance, less stress, increased health and peace and calmness to your overall being from this chaotic and tension filled environment. It is about taking care of YOU first. Once you take care of you, you become empowered to help take care of others. Remember, you are worth it!

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