The Color of Orange for Healing

color healing orange Mar 26, 2019

By Robin Carlton

The color orange is a joyful color and it helps us to release emotions.  It also liberates us and helps us to release fears.  Physically, it can help with relieving painful periods and can help with digestive issues.

The next time you need to release or if you're feeling fearful over something, take a look at orange and see how you feel.

Using color to heal is a real thing.  You can find books that will provide you with more information and ideas on how you can use color in your life for positive results. 


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Our Bodies, Our Guides

body guide Mar 19, 2019

Guest Post by Katie Shell, Master Aromatherapist

No matter what belief system you follow, we all seem to be able to agree that these bodies exist only here and now. We choose our bodies for a reason, and all we need to walk on this Earth residing within them. However, through years of programming, we are told over and over that  our bodies are wrong, that we need to listen to other people to know how they work, and what they are supposed to be. I invite you to take the steps to listen to the truth within in your own body. 

There is no wrong way to have a body

There is no size, shape, or age that guarantees or prevents health and happiness. Only 5% of those that attempt weight-loss can keep it off for an extended period of time. However, the stress of dieting, and “yo-yo” dieting does cause the body harm. 

Practice mindful and intuitive eating

Remove the judgement on what we choose to eat, so our bodies are able to tell us what they...

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Transform Your Life with a Meditation Practice

meditation Mar 12, 2019

Guest Post by Sarah McLean

Meditation can transform your life. I know, because it has transformed mine. With a regular practice, you’ll feel more vitality, you’ll be happier, and you’ll have more focus.

Hi, my name is Sarah McLean, and my book Soul-Centered:Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation (Hay House) quickly became a best seller.

I love teaching meditation. I remember some of my very first meditation experiences, some over 25 years ago. You will probably always remember your first ones too. After being guided through my very first mindfulness body scan I remember thinking, I had NEVER been truly relaxed before. During one of the first mindful breath awareness sessions, I was totally mesmerized by the subtle sensations of each breath, and how peaceful simply sitting and breathing could be. During a silent sound meditation—when I used a mantra for the first time—I felt as if I disappeared, all my worries and concerns took a backseat as...

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Support Your Body & Shed Those Unwanted Pounds

body macros weight Mar 04, 2019

By Robin Carlton

I’ve struggled with my weight for many years, 20 to be exact.  I’ve tried to do dieting and it just didn’t work for me.  It seems that when I went on a “diet” all I would think about is eating.  It’s like the energy of a diet created a vortex of wanting to eat, eat, and eat. 

One time I did participate in a shake and cleanse routine where I would have a shake for breakfast, a 600-calorie lunch, and a shake for dinner for six days.  On the seventh day I would do a cleanse.  This cleanse was drinking a special drink all day long and not eating any food.  Although this was not a sustainable way to eat, I did lose 30+ pounds in a three-month period. And I processed a whole lot of emotional crap around food.  It was a valuable experience for me, allowing me to move through some tough stuff, but it was not something I could continue on...

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Therapeutic Massage Therapy Balances Mind, Body and Spirit

bodywork healing massage Feb 26, 2019

Guest Post by Pam Sears

When I began my career as a Massage Therapist 21 years ago, there was always the saying, “Massage is a luxury, that only those with money could really afford.” That statement is far from true, especially now with the extra added stresses this world has put upon us, not only in our physical bodies, but our emotional, mental and spiritual ones.

Massage therapy has come a long way educating the public to the fact that it is truly a necessity, rather than a luxury. In fact, everyone deserves a massage, from the newborn to the geriatric community!

So how does Massage Therapy affect more than the physical ailments our bodies endure on a day to day basis?

For one, often times a physical ailment has manifested from an emotional component, perhaps building in the body over a period of time such as traumas, abuse, grief, etc. Healthy touch, which massage therapy provides, helps to release stuck energy related to those issues, as well as flooding the...

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Attract Butterflies

butterfly flowers Feb 19, 2019

By Robin Carlton

Butterflies are so amazing to watch.  I don't know about you but they make me feel good when I see one.  I consider it a gift when I see a butterfly because when you think about the trials and tribulations they go through just to get here, it's mind boggling.  

First they need to survive as a caterpillar and then go through the soupy mess of becoming a butterfly.  Once they transform, butterflies have to stay clear of all those birds looking for dinner. No wonder their life spans are so short.

If you would like to attract more butterflies to you, planting certain plants around your house will attract them. The best plants for Arizona weather are shasta daisy, french lavender, rosemary, thyme, petunias' and verbena.  And I found another plant here in Arizona called the Butterfly Bush. It's a gorgeous plant and the butterflies really love it.  I found it at Moon Valley Nurseries.  And remember, if you're limited on space you can...

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Benefits of Using Lavender Essential Oil

essential oils lavendar Feb 12, 2019

Lavender has a long history of use in natural remedies and as a natural scent and perfume.

Lavender is also used to help you relax so you can fall asleep easily. It's sometimes used by those with insomnia as a natural alternative to drugs.

You can add lavender to your coconut oil and use for skin care, cuts (works well for dogs too), and insect bites due to its antibacterial properties.

And don't forget to add a few drops of pure lavender essential oil to your bath water.   You'll not only feel relaxed but smell amazing.

By Robin Carlton 

You can place lavender plant outside to ward off scorpions, they don't like it at all.

A word of caution - be mindful of where you purchase your essential oils.  You want to choose a high quality oil and in most cases, purchasing them at the drugstore is not where you will find a high quality oil.  I recommend you research online to find a brand you feel good about. I personally use doTERRA and there are lots of other great...

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Guidance by Numbers

intuition numbers symbols Feb 05, 2019

By Robin Carlton

Numbers can have a huge impact on our life when we begin to pay attention to them. Numbers are everywhere. When you start to pay attention you’ll see them in places you never thought to look before. Patterns will appear that bring you insight, optimism and peace if you allow them to.

I’ve had a knack for numbers my entire life. I really didn’t realize how long numbers have influenced me until I began to examine my career choices. I went to school to be a bookkeeper and I’ve spent my entire career in the field of numbers working in the financial services industry. I was a bookkeeper for just a few short years and went on to work in the mortgage industry and then on to working with financial advisors. Most importantly is that I realized numbers give me guidance, insight and clarity. And they can do the same for you too.

I was introduced to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers many years ago. Since then I have wore out two books...

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Find Your Connection to Crystals

connection crystals Jan 29, 2019

By Robin Carlton

Did you know that you already use crystals in ordinary ways? They are found in watches, microchips for your computer and lasers. And minerals are the basis for many medicines.

Crystals are known by many names, crystals, stones, gemstones, minerals, and rocks. Crystals generate, conserve, radiate, and amplify energy. Energy amplification is why we feel so good when we hold a crystal that is in tune with our own vibration.  (Yes, there are scientific differences with the formation of a crystal and a stone, but we are going to refer to them all as crystals in this post for ease of understanding).

Crystals are not a new age fad. Texts and graves show the Babylonians and Egyptians used crystals for specific healing, protective, and manifestation properties. They are a gift from Mother Earth whose wisdom has been forming for millions of years.

Crystals work with us because they have a subtle electromagnetic field as does our bodies. This allows energy to be...

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How to Uplift the Energy in Your Home

candles energy flowers home Jan 22, 2019

By Robin Carlton

Sometimes our home can feel off or we can sense some negativity.  Maybe there was a recent situation that took place and feels like its lingering (like an argument or a sickness or a negative person visiting).  You can uplift the energy in your home quickly by doing one or more of these things:

  • Place fresh flowers in a vase
  • Light a candle
  • Get rid of any dead or dying plants
  • Place salt in all the corners of all the rooms
  • Diffuse essential oils
  • Play music that feels good
  • Give your house a good cleaning and vacuum

There are other things you can do to clear negativity energy in your home, but these are great places to start.  Try one or more of them and see how you and your home feels afterwards.

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