2019 Color of the Year - Living Coral

color Jan 01, 2019

By Robin Carlton

Every year a color is chosen by Pantone to represent the feeling of the year. This color sets the tone for the year to come for designers and creators. I have found that the chosen color of the year can also influence us in a powerful way. This year it's a gorgeous color of coral, officially called "PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral".  Below I have listed a few quotes I found on the color Living Coral that I feel can help us integrate the color and use it in a more intentional way.

 Dougall Fraser, a psychic, cosmic coach, and author of Your Life in Color: Empowering Your Soul with the Energy of Colorsaid the following about this year's color

"I see coral as the color of compassion and higher awareness. Coral encourages us to think outside of the box, to look beyond our own personal experiences for a greater sense of perspective. Possessing a blend of orange, red and pink, coral evokes a kind of emotional revitalization within us. Coral has a soft...

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