Essential Oil Basics

Guest Post by Katie Shell, Master Aromatherapist

Here's a few things you should know about essential oils that aren't often discussed, but are important to know.

Water intensifies the experience, which can be desirable for some circumstances, but take caution if the oil feels warm on the skin. If you experience heat or irritation from an oil, please put olive or coconut oil on it to relieve any discomfort. DO NOT RINSE WITH WATER.

If you have not been given specific information on the application of an essential oil, use it on the bottoms of the feet. Pour a few drops directly on the bottoms of the feet and rub them together, your hands need not touch the oils at all.

The biggest consumer of essential oils is the food industry. If you’ve had orange juice, or a flavored sparkling water, you’ve ingested highly diluted essential oils. That said, straight essential oils are more potent through the skin, and you don’t have to worry about potential side effects. So...

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