The Listening Stone - A Tool for Healing

art crystals heailng Jun 17, 2019

By Robin Carlton

One day many years ago Ella Newkirk was meditating and praying for inspiration for an upcoming art show when she first saw faces in stones in her mind.  For several weeks she continued to see these little stones with faces.  As they danced around in her head she would hear a voice say "even in the small stone I am there".  She knew this was God speaking to her but she didn't really understand what it meant.  Ella knew that she needed to follow this guidance so she set out to create these little faces on stones.  It took her almost a full year to figure out the process to create the faces on stones as she had seen in her mind.  The first one was completed in February 2000.

These stones are handcrafted and you'll never find two of them that are the same as each one carries it's own personality and healing energy.

They bring comfort and healing to those who possess them.   These small stones help us to remember that the presence...

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