Therapeutic Massage Therapy Balances Mind, Body and Spirit

bodywork healing massage Feb 26, 2019

Guest Post by Pam Sears

When I began my career as a Massage Therapist 21 years ago, there was always the saying, “Massage is a luxury, that only those with money could really afford.” That statement is far from true, especially now with the extra added stresses this world has put upon us, not only in our physical bodies, but our emotional, mental and spiritual ones.

Massage therapy has come a long way educating the public to the fact that it is truly a necessity, rather than a luxury. In fact, everyone deserves a massage, from the newborn to the geriatric community!

So how does Massage Therapy affect more than the physical ailments our bodies endure on a day to day basis?

For one, often times a physical ailment has manifested from an emotional component, perhaps building in the body over a period of time such as traumas, abuse, grief, etc. Healthy touch, which massage therapy provides, helps to release stuck energy related to those issues, as well as flooding the...

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