Medicine Cabinet Feng Shui

feng shui medicine Oct 01, 2019

GUEST POST by Monita Baker, Reclaim Your Life with Feng Shui

This is the time on year when the weather is changing and just about everyone has some form of a cold or flu. Many are making more visits to the doctor and pharmacy for prescriptions and no matter where you go - to school, work, the library or grocery store, there is someone coughing or sneezing and looking for relief.

I have always been actively involved in the complementary medicine field. I’ve intensely researched healthier alternatives. Furthering my knowledge and education of “energy medicine” I have received training and accreditations as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Reiki Master, Energy Worker, Feng Shui Master as well as Certified Pharmacy Technician for over 16 years. Studying feng shui, I have learned how it can propel your health in the right direction, although of course, a healthy diet, exercise and regular check-ups are also essential to living a healthy lifestyle.

Feng Shui Your...

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Your Feng Shui Color Guide

color feng shui home Apr 22, 2019

GUEST POST by Monita Baker, Reclaim Your Life with Feng Shui

Our world is overflowing with color.

In a single day, we see thousands of different shades that our mind’s eye sees as cornflower blue, magenta, or olive drab, to name a few. Colors balance our chi, triggers emotions and memories, connect us to nature, and can inspire us.

One of the easiest ways to adjust the energy in your space is with color. Use on the walls, in your furniture, art, and as accents that balance and harmonize.

Make sure you’re using colors correctly with this handy feng shui color guide:

Yellow- Sunny, Nourishing, Happy (Earth Element) it represents – intelligence, stability in life and love, the stomach and ability to make decisions. When making decisions, wear yellow to help your thinking.

The color of sunlight, cheerful and uplifting yellow always brightens any home or office. Yellow color also creates cozy, welcoming energy in your kitchen, living room or children's rooms. From hot...

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