The Power of Your Hands

hand power Jul 01, 2019

By Robin Carlton

Have you ever really taken a close look at your hand?

Do you realize the amount of power you hold? Literally.

Now, sit back and think about how much you use your hands in everything you do. Think about how you use your hands in every part of your life. You need your hands for survival and yet how often do you remember how important they are, not only for your physical self but also for your spiritual self?  You write, type, draw, cook, pray, make things, fix things and heal others.

Here’s a fun experiment – watch your hands as you are speaking to others. For some of you, you’ll find that your hands are flying all over the place and for others you’ll be using your hands to emphasize certain points of your conversation. How many times have you pointed to something or gestured someone with your hand? Watch a professional speaker while they are presenting and notice how they use their hands. And remember that those who don’t have all...

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