5 Reason You Must Drink Enough Water

fatigue health hydration May 20, 2019

By Robin Carlton

Summer is here with a vengeance so staying hydrated is even more important. However, do you know why you need to drink a ton of water all year long?

Let me tell you my story.

One day a few summers ago I was in a Crossfit workout.  It was hot and I was feeling a bit tired.  My muscles were feeling fatigued, but I thought that I ate something at lunch that might be messing with me.  (Pasta and bread are bad ideas on workout days for me).   As I worked through the workout, I found myself feeling nauseas and a bit dizzy.  All of a sudden, my heart began beating at a rapid pace, like it was trying to beat twice at one time.  It freaked me out!  I decided it was time to go to the heart doctor and get myself checked out.  Long story short, I'm in great health, no issues with my heart or circulatory system.

So what happened?  Why did I have those symptoms?


Plain and simple.  I wasn't hydrated....

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