The Energy of Numbers

numbers numerology Jun 24, 2019

By Robin Carlton

Oh how I love numbers.  There are various studies of numbers that you can learn and follow.  It's called Numerology.  I've been studying numbers for many years now and have found from my own personal experiences that the energy of numbers is real. Some might think its hogwash and that's perfectly fine with me. As with all things, you need to allow yourself to be open-minded to really see how energy works and how it impacts one's life.  For me, life has changed dramatically by opening myself up to the unseen things that are present.  Just because we can't "see" it doesn't meant it doesn't exist.  The truth is, the energy of numbers impact all of us whether or not we believe in it.

The path of self-discovery is much richer when you discover how the energy of numbers can impact you as a whole.  Just remember that life is made up of cycles and patterns.  When we really pay attention, we can recognize these patterns and cycles and...

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