What Belief Are You Holding on to as “Fact” or “Truth?

beliefs illusions potential Sep 24, 2019

Guest Post by Melissa Reese, The Pursuit Guru

Limitations. The Illusions.

“Measurement is inherently flawed. We create what we use to measure by and we can only measure with what we’ve created. (Just because we can’t measure it, does not mean it does not exist.) Be careful of what you measure, how you measure, and who you measure. It’s good to have your own “measuring stick” for your life, and don’t beat yourself with it.”   The Pursuit of More, Melissa Reese

The only way to unlock your power and release your truest potential is to get clear within yourself of what your own limitations are. People will tell you what their limitations are by how they encourage or dissuade you—other’s limitations are not necessarily yours, unless you allow them to be.

It was thought, at one point in time, that it was impossible for a human to run a mile in under four minutes. Scientists said this, doctors said this, runners said...

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