Guidance by Numbers

intuition numbers symbols Feb 05, 2019

By Robin Carlton

Numbers can have a huge impact on our life when we begin to pay attention to them. Numbers are everywhere. When you start to pay attention you’ll see them in places you never thought to look before. Patterns will appear that bring you insight, optimism and peace if you allow them to.

I’ve had a knack for numbers my entire life. I really didn’t realize how long numbers have influenced me until I began to examine my career choices. I went to school to be a bookkeeper and I’ve spent my entire career in the field of numbers working in the financial services industry. I was a bookkeeper for just a few short years and went on to work in the mortgage industry and then on to working with financial advisors. Most importantly is that I realized numbers give me guidance, insight and clarity. And they can do the same for you too.

I was introduced to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers many years ago. Since then I have wore out two books...

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