Your Body Speaks Volumes. Are You Listening?

body wisdom toe reading Aug 28, 2019

Guest PostBy Erin Christine Ockenfels~~Sole Coach

I'm going to get really vulnerable here for a bit. I want to illustrate the power of the feet and their ability to hold on to the pain of our traumas and the miracle of transformation and healing that takes place when someone creates a safe space for us to be heard. This story alone is why I'm so passionate about the work I do. 

A year ago January, I called a male friend of mine that I've known for several years for a ride home from a pub. My usual 2 glasses of wine where hitting me harder than normal and it felt safer than calling an Uber. It wasn't. He raped me. 

The top picture are my toes 3 days after that incident. They were inflamed, hot to the touch, they literally looked like they were bubbling over with rage, seething....

There's only 8 days between the pictures. It was during those 8 days that I attended several reflexology classes. During one class in particular, (Auriculotherapy, reflexology of the ear) I was...

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