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Get your business in front of thousands of people looking for what you have each month.


A place where thousands of people visit looking for someone like you. These people want to find mind, body, & spirit, services and products. The Arizona Mind Body Spirit website currently gets about 2,000 views per month and these people are looking for you!

Be Seen

Be part of a website that gets hundreds of views a week from those looking for what you have.  We're active on social media, which means you'll be on social media.

Easy & Simple

No tech experience needed!  We do all the work.  You just provide details and we'll do the rest.


Be part of a community that is focused on what you do - provide services and/or products for those seeking healing, wellness, and alternative options.

Here's What's Included

You will receive so much more than just a business page on the Arizona Mind Body Spirit website when you join us. This is what you'll receive when you join the membership:

  • A business page (also known as a landing page)  on Arizona Mind Body that we build - you provide the content and we'll do the rest.
  • Option to add your own video or audio files.
  • Unlimited number of categories 
  • Link to your appointment calendar 
  • Embed your products so people can  purchase directly from your business page 
  • Use your own domain name (URL) 
  • Be featured in the Arizona Mind Body Spirit newsletter and on Arizona Mind Body Spirit social media 
  • Access to the members portal where we add a new training every month on business topics that will help you grow your business
  • 1 Year membership that renews on your anniversary ever year
Join Now

No Tech Skills Required

We take care of the techy stuff on our side.  Once you purchase your membership, you'll receive an email providing you with instructions on how to get your information to us. We'll need your basic information along with other important details your future client/customer is looking for.  You can visit our Directory here to see how we've set up the pages for others.

Unlimited Categories 

We'll place your page in the categories you want to be listed under.  There is no limit on how many categories you can be in as long as you offer the service and/or product. If your category isn't on the list, we'll be happy to add it (as long as it is related to mind, body, or spirit). 

Got Video?

We can add video to your business page!  If you have an introductory video or if you have audio you've recorded we'll place it on your business page.  Video is powerful and its becoming a norm these days.  It's a great way to introduce yourself or talk about your products.


You can add your appointment calendar to your business page.  Instead of having someone click multiple times to find your calendar, we'll create a button where people can book an appointment right from the page.  This makes it easy for people to book!  And if you don't have a calendar yet and would like to add one, we've done the research and know what calendar would work best for you and your business.

Sell Your Products

Do you have products to sell?  We can set up an online store for you and embed it on your business page.  We have an easy to use tool for you to sell your products online.  This feature does require you to purchase additional software for $9 per month. You own the store and we handle the techy part of adding it to your business page. We'll provide you with all the details in the membership portal.  

Use Your Own Domain (URL)

Do you already have your domain name?  No problem.  We can have your domain name forwarded to your Arizona Mind Body business page.  For example, if you own, you can use this URL.  If you don't have your own domain name, no problem.  The website address for your business page will be 

Social Media & Newsletter

Arizona Mind Body Spirit has social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram and we'll feature you on those accounts because you're a member. This is a great way to get your business out in front of more eyeballs!  We also have a newsletter where we'll be sharing your information with our subscribers. We have focused on building a strong list of fans and subscribers right here in Arizona. 

Get Training & Education

We want you to be successful!  We will have one new course in the member portal each month.  These sessions are focused on helping you build your business.  For example, one of our biggest requests from clients is "How do I set up an email list?".  This is just one example of the sessions that will be available to you with your membership.  

1 Year Membership

Your membership will renew annually.  The price you pay now is the price you'll pay as long as you keep your membership in good standing.  The investment is $197 paid once a year. We plan to increase the price as we add more goodies to the membership plan.  When we add additional perks to the membership, you'll have access to them as long as your membership is in good standing at no additional costs.

Business Page Example

Want to see some of our existing pages?

Example 1 

Example 2

Example 3

You can visit our directory click here to see the categories that are currently listed.  And if you want to see more examples of business pages, just click through the links to see them all.

Terms & Conditions

Here's a few things you need to know: 

  • Only one business per page.  You can offer multiple things in your business, that's cool.  However, you can't share your page with your bestie, your spouse, or any one else unless you're in the same business together.  
  • No refunds - Once we get you in the queue (after payment is made), we're scheduling you in to our calendar.  
  • On your anniversary, If you choose to not renew with us we'll remove your page from the website. 
  • We choose when and how often we feature you in the Arizona Mind Body Spirit newsletter and on our social media accounts.  You'll get on the list at least quarterly, but this is subject to change. 
  • Once we build your page, you'll have two rounds of edits to make changes. If you need more than two rounds, a fee will be required.  Once your page is approved by you, you will have one update per year.  If you need to change your address, telephone number, website address, and/or social media accounts, we won't count those as an update.  Updates are usually content driven.  If you require more than one update per year, an additional fee may be required.
  • Once we send you an email requesting your content we'll need you to get it back to us as soon as possible.  We can't launch your page until we build it, and we can't build it if we don't have your information.  
  • We reserve the right to modify content we feel isn't applicable to mind, body, spirit or that isn't in alignment with our values.  We also reserve the right to decline a membership. 

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