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Walk your path with courage and confidence, honor your authentic self, free your body, quiet your mind and connect with a source greater than yourself through the use of intuitive coaching, angel communication, massage/reflexology therapies, and energetic bodywork?

You are invited to tap into your own divine light to reach greater levels of healing, love, prosperity, and personal freedom.

Learn how intuitive coaching, angelic communication, and various bodywork techniques can help you tune into your body to connect with the spirit within. By acknowledging that you are a divine spirit having a human experience, you can free yourself from the patterns and belief systems that are keeping you from feeling your very best in all areas of your life.

Here are a Few Examples of Physical Ailments Can Show Up in the Feet

Client has very callused heels on both feet, I ask if they've been having any digestion issues recently. 

Digestion can be both physical and emotional.

Client comes in complaining of inflamed pinky toes on both feet, I ask if they have been experiencing any problems with money and/or trusting themselves with money, or are they angry at themselves or another over money.

Money issues can also present physically as sinus problems/infection and possible problems with the shoulders depending on how far the inflammation goes down the foot. 

What Others Say...

"I had the pleasure of experiencing my first ever toe reading today. It was wonderfully insightful and therapeutic. Erin was very respectful of my personal space and offered understandable explanations of what she was doing and seeing. She guided me through the process of working through some things based on what she intuited. She used pointed direct questions that guided me to deeper levels. I am excited to watch to evolution of my feet and toes as I navigate through an amazing personal period of transformation. Erin and I will be meeting again to gauge my life’s journey as told by my toes!"


"I had an amazing Reflexology session with Erin today. Her location is easy to find, parking available right in the front, she was ready when I arrived, then made sure I was comfortable before she started. I was SO relaxed during the session I'm not sure if I fell asleep or not. I have had Reflexology several times in the past, this was definitely a "10". I felt like I released some much needed "crap". Erin was able to confirm what I need to work on. If you have ever tried or never tried Reflexology, I highly recommend Erin. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate about helping her clients. I plan to get on a regular service with her to work on my issue. Besides, who doesn't like to have their feet massaged??"


"I had the privilege of working with Erin as a sole coach. Her unique work combining healing massage and energy work has had a profound impact on my mental and physical well-being. Her positive light energy put me at ease before our work even started. She is a gifted healer with a deep sense of knowing one’s individual needs. I highly recommend her!"


“You are a multidimensional being and there are many ways to access healing to live your best, most fulfilling life.”

About Erin

Erin has spent the last 24 years turning over curious stones, peeking around dark corners, seeking answers for questions she had no words for, and looking for the sweet something that she knew had to be somewhere along this path. Erin was being lead towards something, but she had only a pocket full of mismatched clues and even more questions. But she continued to wander into the unknown of life...and with each new sunrise, she was shown a bit more, until one day Erin woke up and realized that the answers she'd been searching for were inside of her all along. She could no longer deny the presence of a higher power at work in her life. She had come face to face with her soul. In that moment, Erin knew without a doubt that she was here on assignment to teach and learn love.


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